Bio and Artist Statement


Lynn Sisler works predominantly in mixed media, utilizing layered materials including collaged paper, pencil, oil paint, and clay sculptures with a mindfulness of an etherial space and setting within her work. Her visual Gaia-stories feature animals and humans, often blended as one entity, in a magical, folkloric construct. Her work strives to create thoughtful consciousness about humans’ relationship to the earth and connectiveness within all species. 

Lynn Sisler completed a BFA in painting and a minor in Art History from Northern Illinois University in 1991. Her first solo show in the Massachusetts, Migration Stories and Other Curious Lore, opened in August, 2016. Her solo show, Ocean Life-Force: An Artist's Exploration of Halcyon Days, opened October 2017 at the Elusie Gallery, Easthampton, MA. Her most recent group show, Love Thy Beautiful Neighbor, opened in February 2020.

Sisler is currently working on her MFA at Maine College of Art in Portland, ME. She recently received the prestigious Hildreth Family MFA Scholar Award.

Artist Statement

My paintings are climate folktales. It is from this perspective from which I piece together my own visual stories regarding my grave concerns about the systematic destruction of our global environment and those effects on all living beings.

The flora, fauna, and hybrid characters in these tales are simultaneously real and magical. Figures have spatial and metaphorical relationships with each other through both painting and drawing marks. They eat, kill, give birth, and morph into other things. There is a suggestive sense of place, but viewpoints are constantly changing and evolving. Earthy colors are absorbed by the black plane set behind the din of twilight.  This gives an ethereal sense of the future—or a memory of living things now extinct. 

These stories are told as cautionary tales, but the traditional tricksters are no longer the villains; they are protector, guide, and matriarch. They implore the viewer to consider an alternative cultural and global mindset-- a collaboration with nature, thus with our own humanity.


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